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About CALY

YEUEN YOUNG ELECTRICAL CO., LTD. is founded in 1968 and specializes in a worldwide ELECTRICAL TERMINALS, which can be applied

 to Auto Parts, Household Hardware, Wiring Accessories, etc. In addition, various Crimping Tools/Stripper/Tie Gun/Cutters are also available for special request.

Most of our ELECTRICAL TERMINALS are UL/CSA approved. Besides, we have gotten ISO-9001 CERTIFICATE by UL/IECQsince 1999. In this respect, we spend much more money and time on R & D to upgrade the materials year by year.

Moreover, we improve our Q.C. process to guarantee quality product received by each customer.

If you're interested in product, welcome to our web site http://www.caly.com.tw, then send Your inquiry to

E-mail address:caly@caly.com


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