YEUEN YOUNG ELECTRICAL CO., LTD. is founded in 1968 and specializes in a worldwide ELECTRICAL TERMINALS, which can be applied to Auto Parts, Household Hardware, Wiring Accessories, etc. In addition, various Crimping Tools/Stripper/Tie Gun/Cutters are also available for special request. Electrical Connector Manufacturer Electrical Terminal Manufacturer Cord end Terminals Cable Tie Solderless Terminals Crimping Tools Manufacturer Insulated Electrical Terminals Ring Terminals Spade Terminals

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Connectors>Bullet Sockets>_F5.5A
Connectors>Male Disconnector (Double-Crimping Product)>_VD2-7B
Electrical Terminals>Copper Plate Terminals>Ring Terminals_180-200mm² (R-type:Non-insulated)_R180-22
Connectors>Heat Shrinkable Butt Splice (w/copper tube inside)>_HSB1.25
Tools>CRIMPING TOOLS>Crimping Tools_LY-1042

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01. Cord-End Twin Sleeves 02. Spade Terminals (Y-type:Non-insulated) 03. Pin Terminals 04. Square Terminals
05. Flag Terminals 06. Ring Terminals_0.5-2.0mm² (R-type:Non-insulated) 07. Ring Terminals_3.5-8.0mm2(R-type:Non-insulated) 08. Ring Terminals_14-22mm² (R-type:Non-insulated)
9. Flat Blade Terminals 10. Ring Terminals_38-60mm² (R-type:Non-insulated) 11. Ring Terminals_70-80mm² (R-type:Non-insulated) 12. Ring Terminals_100-150mm² (R-type:Non-insulated)
13. Ring Terminals_180-200mm² (R-type:Non-insulated) 14. Ring Terminals_325mm² (R-type:Non-insulated) 15. Square Terminals (for Compressed wire) 16. Cable Lugs (General size)
17. Copper Sleeve (CS type) 18. Parallel Splice (P type) 19. Non-Insulated Cord-End 20. Butt Splice (B type)
21. Short Barrel One Hole Copper Lugs (TL type) 22. Long Barrel One Hole Copper Lugs (TLL type) 23. Long Barrel Two Hole Copper Lugs (2TLL type) 24. Pneumatic Crimping Tool with adjustable positioner
25. Hand Crimping Tools (with adjustable & replaceable positioner) 26. Hydraulic Crimping Tools 27. Modular Crimping Tools 28. Multipurpose Tools (crimping, stripping & cutting)
29. Hand Crimping Tools 30. Hydraulic Punch Driver 31. Crimping Tools 32. Hand Crimping Tools
33. Wire Stripper 34. Cable Stripper 35. Hand Cutter      

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